Millennial Civilization
2012 / 5773
Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister of Israel
Durable Peace

Dr. Inis Claude
Swords into Plowshares
The Problems & Progress
of International Organization

Theodore Herzl
Founder of the Modern
Zionist State of Israel
The Jewish State

James H. Hutson
The Founders on Religion
Adams, Jefferson,  
Washington, Franklin

Dr. David Friedman
(IDF Colonel, retired)
Sudden Terror

Dr. Jeffrey L. Seif
The Iranian Menace
The King's University

Brigitte Gabriel
Act! for America
Because They Hate

Jonathan Cahn
Messianic Jewish Author
The Harbinger

Dr. Billy Graham
Storm Warning

Greg Laurie
Harvest Ministries
World View

Dr. Chuck Missler
Koinonia House
The Sword of Allah

Paul Liberman
Messianic Times
The Fig Tree Blossoms

Aaron Klein
Schmoozing with Terrorists

Dr. Hugh Ross
Reasons To Believe
Creator and the Cosmos

Dr. Fazale Rana
Reasons To Believe
The Cell's Design

Dr. Michael L. Brown
Fire Ministries
Our Hands are
Stained with Blood

The Philokalia
Ascetical Philosophy

Dr. Rick Warren
Saddleback Church
The Purpose-Driven Life

The Ladder  
of Divine Ascent
John Climacus

Boaz Michael
First Fruits of Zion

Dore Gold
Jerusalem Center
for Public Affairs
The Rise of Nuclear Iran

Caroline Glick
Jerusalem Post
Shackled Warrior

Jerome Corsi
Why Israel Can't Wait

Joseph Farah
World Net Daily
The G2 Bulletin

Joel Rosenberg
Flash Traffic

Pamela Geller
Stop the Islamization
of America

Robert Spencer
Stealth Jihad

Lawrence Wright
The Looming Tower
Expertise on Al-Qaeda

George Grant
The Blood
of the Moon

Joel Richardson
The Islamic Antichrist

Chuck Smith
When Storms Come
Discovering Hope
in Adversity

Bat Ye'or
The Euro-Arab Axis

David Dolan
Israel in Crisis
What Lies Ahead?

Joel Osteen
Scriptures and Meditation
Your Best Life Now

Grenville Clark
Louis Sohn
World Peace  
through World Law

St. Thomas Aquinas
Summa Theologica
the Complete Works
$.99 from Kindle Fire

Politics: A Treatise
on Government

Also, the online encyclopedia Wikipedia is an
invaluable source. This ebook project hyperlinks
hundreds of Wikipedia articles. This project donates
a small amount of money monthly to
Wikipedia in
extreme gratitude for this information source. From
the revenue of this project, both Wikipedia and
Zondervan's Biblegateway will be compensated
every month.

Wikipedia encourages attribution for articles and
by hyperlinkage. Guidance for publishing
is in the
Wikipedia Terms of Use. I have printed out
a copy of the
Terms of Use for guidance in this

Biblegateway of Zondervan Publishing provides
internet hyperlinkage to individual passages in our
Sacred Scripture. For years, I have also been a
monthly donor to
Biblica for the distribution of
Bibles worldwide, and particularly to China.
This Scepter of Judah Project originated in 1998
with a
Strong's Concordance search for the key

I have been a follower of Zola Levitt Ministries for
26 years, since 1986, completing Dr.
Jeffrey Seif's
Institute of Jewish Christian Studies
certificate program in 1994.

I began the five-year program with Boaz Michael's
First Fruits of Zion Torah Club in 1998. The
instruction from Levitt, Seif, and Torah Club stirred
me to learn more about Zionism directly from the
Bible. I perceived an actual calling to the domain of
Biblical prophecy at the turn of the century, 2000

I encourage anyone and everyone to complete
Levitt Ministries'
IJCS and Boaz Michael's Torah
Club cycles. These teachings help us to adjust
Christianity to a clear mindfulness and profound
respect for our Jewish roots, as well as our Israeli

The first passage I read, with understanding, was
Isaiah 34:8. Then I made incessant lists of passages
based on key words. Then, in 2001, the Project
name was given as
The Scepter of Judah.

The website began in
September 2007. This website was an entirely
non-commercial enterprise with the hope that at
least a few people would become as inspired as I
have been since 1986. This website will be entirely
refashioned in Fall 2012.

I am especially grateful for what I have learned
from the many authors listed above. I have logged
in more than 8,000 notes in my
Amazon Kindle
ebook in the past two years.
Alex Rothschild
2012 / 5773