The Scepter of Judah
Millennial Literary Project
The Scriptural passages, themes, purposes, and
The linkages, the flags, emblems, or religious
symbols like menorahs, stars of David, crosses,
bibles, chalices and so forth are
not in any way to
be construed as an official representation
of any
particular nation or organization, other than the
independent Scepter of Judah websites. The
Wikimedia Foundation is a primary source of these
symbols. This project
donates monthly to the
invaluable Wikipedia program.
Creative Commons
provides copyright conditions for free sharing, for
commercial use, in its
Terms of Use.

Most particularly, any national, federal symbol is
meant to convey a meaning relative to Scriptural,
Biblical fulfillment, and
in no way is meant to
indicate that a department or agency is in favor of,
or participatory in, this project.

Whether NATO, the FBI, the CIA, the IAEA or the
UN are given a symbolic representation in this
presentation, the reader is to clearly understand that
the Scepter of Judah website is an
that these governmental agencies may
in no way officially approve of, or participate in,
unless by their own expressed desire to do so.

Because of the sensitive domain of the United
States intelligence community, and most
particularly the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA),
any symbolic representation, especially the emblem
of the CIA, when presented in the Scepter of Judah
website, is not to be construed as an official
representation of any kind.

All symbols and flags are posted in accord with
copyright laws. I have a notebook of copies of the
copyright status of each flag or symbol posted in
this ebook. These symbols are all released in the
Public Domain; or the symbol merely requires
through the Creative Commons
program for free-sharing. Attribution is given in
this project by
hyperlinking the symbol directly to
its Wikipedia page of attributable origin; for
example, the inspirational
Menora by Marcin is
supported by the Creative Commons free-sharing
program found in Wikipedia's domain.

The author of this website has the most profound
respect for those who serve the Free World by
means of employment in the CIA and the United
States' National Security community. Therefore, it
is expedient to present the CIA emblem as a
primary symbol of the freedom, the dignity, the
resolve, and the destiny of God's Chosen People.

Permission to hyperlink to the
Biblegateway system
of Biblical quotations from the 1984 New
International Version (NIV) was given by
Zondervan on June 21, 2012; but this permission
from Zondervan is
not to be viewed as Zondervan's
endorsement or participation in the religious and
political views presented in these ebooks. Less than
200 Biblical Passages are copied out in this ebook;
but a couple thousand verses are hyperlinked to the
Biblegateway website, the Biblegateway Christian
bookstore, and the Biblica website. I've been a
monthly donor to Biblica's Bibles for China
program for quite a few years.

As the originator of the Scepter of Judah website,
I am a 1994 graduate of the National Security
Studies Master of Arts
(M.A.) program at
California State University, San Bernardino,
founded by US Navy Commander (retired), Dr.
Richard T. Ackley.

I have been active in spiritual life for 42 years. In
1970, at age 18, the God of Israel separated me
from a life of ignorance, and has since instructed
me in the domain of Judeo-Christianity's life of
obedience and
sanctification. I am not married. I
enjoy the
obedience and freedom of celibacy and
will remain as such.

I have been a devoted follower of
since 1986, at which time I became a
student of
Levitt Ministries from Dallas, Texas,
under the leadership of Messianic Rabbi, Dr.
Jeffrey L. Seif. I completed Dr. Seif's
Institute of
Jewish Christian Studies
in 1994.

In a court of law, in San Bernardino, CA, I legally
changed my name to Alex Rothschild on April 22,
1992. I have a current United States passport. My
date and location of birth was July 29, 1952 in
Rome, New York USA.

God Willing, I hope to serve Western Civilization in
the years ahead
contrary to the terrorists who
threaten our international security. I desire to serve
in a combative military capacity, in the
IDF in the
apocalyptic war.

Alex Rothschild  
September 2012
Ontario, California 91761
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