God's Plan is not a conspiracy . . .
God's Plan
will be fulfilled . . .

This ebook, Millennial Civilization, will inspire all
who have a good heart and an intelligent mind to
become participants in the great apocalyptic effort
made wondrous by the Restoration of
King David's
State of Israel.

This ebook is designed to quickly inform and deeply
inspire all of God's People to become
Zionists and defacto Israeli citizens; concentrated
Biblical hyperlinkage makes a deep and thorough
study easily possible, and in
only one single day.

nations will turn to the Almighty God of Israel,
our Messiah Emmanuel, the nations' Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ,
as sunflowers that turn to the
irresistible Light of an overpowering Sun.

All humankind will now realize that our Loving
Creator and Father and King has intended to bring
peace-loving peoples together in the unity of
global governance centered in the Jewish State of

Messiah Emmanuel's Davidic state is a Zionist
centered in the Person of the King of
kings, Israeli King Emmanuel, the nations' Lord and
Jesus Christ.

We are now enduring an era of extreme blasphemy.
Our own
reverence and awe for our Creator and
Father and King, the Almighty
God of Israel is
beyond reproach; we
never blaspheme God
Himself. And our proactive Judeo-Christianity is
always protected by the sacred First Amendment of
the US Constitution.

In our beloved USA all religions are protected for
freedom of expression by the First Amendent. Our
interactions with Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims
are always civilized and reciprocally respectful.
What makes Islam different is the multitude of
Muslim jihadists who hysterically proclaim their
hatred for our Judeo-Christian Western Civilization.

Jihad's unashamed intent to infiltrate, enslave and
destroy our societies in no way reciprocates our
Americanism, our civilized tolerance of
Islamic religious cohabitation. What we will
tolerate is the death sentence pronounced by Islamic
militants who have condemned our beloved USA as
The Great Satan.

The Islamist deception is made unbearable by the
jihadists' murderous hysteria. Just two weeks ago,
proactive Muslims murdered our US Ambassador to
Libya, Chris Stevens.

The Islamists outrageously accuse us of blasphemy.
One cannot blaspheme a false deity; their fictitious
religion is entirely contrary to
the Almighty God of

Moslems have blasphemed
and persecuted both
Judaism and Christianity since the Seventh Century
AD. In the blindness of their malevolent hostility too
many of them have
renounced their spiritual
descendancy from Judaism's great-grandfather, our
Hebrew forefather Abraham.

Israeli Judeo-Christian Zionist is one who has
read and understood and accepted the content and
quality of Revelation found initially in the Biblical
words of
Genesis 35:11 and consummating in the
Book of
Revelation 7:4-9 and 14:1 and 12:10.

Scepter of Judah Literary Project has been
presented as non-commercial websites, and planned
as books presented in four parts,
twelve chapters,
fifty-two (52) themes, with seven sections in each
theme. Each chapter may be published as an ebook,
each theme as a pamphlet.

All Scriptural passages from our Holy Bible are
borrowed from the New International Version 1984

, from Zondervan's Pradis 5.1 compact disc
system obtained from Berean's Christian

Wikipedia's terms of use include copyright licenses
that permit the
free sharing of symbols and images.
The flags, menorah, and emblems that appear in this
ebook have all been released for free-sharing by
either public domain status or
Creative Commons
licensing permitting
the free sharing of material,
including use for commercial purposes.

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Symbols / Licensing

This book is not a work of scholarship. I did earn
two accredited degrees from California State
University at San Bernardino in Political Science
(B.A. 1987) and National Security (M.A. 1994), as
well as certificates in International Relations (1987)
and Military Science (1988), and I learned how to
write papers by strict academic standards.

Millennial Civilization is intended as a book of
testimony; of moral convictions, proverbial
admonitions, and real apocalyptic revelations. Rigid
scholarship, with hundreds of cited sources, has its
place; but it is not the effectual format of this  
Bible-based study intended as a flowing, aesthetic
presentation of the
apocalyptic Word of God.

reading should be like a long, pleasant walk in
the park, rather than academia's drill and ceremony.

The most important prose writing in this first book
is found in
pages 168-182. The 'Apocalyptic
Scepters' essay will be an ongoing examination of
the dynamics of Armageddon, a political philosophy
that brings forward the responsibilities and merit of
an '
Iron Scepter.'

Almighty God's dynamic strategy has always
contributed to the
healing of a corrupt and dying
world of lusts, of compulsive consumption and
addictions, interpersonal assaults, glittering
melodramatic vanity, and a secular hope founded
upon the idolization of Mankind's narcissistic
self-image that is devoid of discipline, prayer, and
the Fear of God.

These writings are intended as a
preparation for the
sanctification of all of God's penitential people.
By Providence, Israelis and Americans, with
Europeans and Russians, are destined as inspired
leaders in the Great Tribulation. This is now the
long-awaited Apocalyptic Era of Judeo-Christian
Messianism that will bring us to Armageddon.

To the
Jews for Judaism who zealously defend the
Jewish people in view of Christian proselytization, it
is necessary to state that this project is NOT
another strategy to convert the Jewish people to

I personally know and believe that any Jewish
person, whose life is in accord with the
wisdom taught by our Jewish forefathers,
any person who lives in
goodness and righteousness
is among Almighty God's Chosen People.

Those who realize that
Messiah Emmanuel, the
nations' Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, is their
Redeemer and Davidic Leader will know
completeness of Judaism as intended by the Plan
of our
Creator and Father and King.

Global desolations will be
caused by humanity's
disobediences; consumptive hedonists, As
in the Days of Noah,
are driven by envy and
compulsive lusts, devolving into violence. Too
many impenitent sinners have brought
extermination upon themselves. AMEN.
Millennial Civilization
Government of Emmanuel
Alex Rothschild
2012 / 5773