Millennial Civilization
Scriptural Zionism
Almighty God has given us Biblical prophets who
have brought us to a knowledge of Messianic
Judaism. Jew-hatred, those who hope for
A World
Without Zionism,
will suffer the worst consequences
for their intent to destroy the Davidic State of Israel.
This project hopes to inspire the Arabs of
turning them to obedience and
As President Sadat in the 1979 Camp David
Accords, there is still time . . . Educated, intelligent
leaders are
calling out to the Arab descendants of our
forefather Abraham. Jihad's terrorists will be
destroyed in the Grand Jihad called Armageddon.
The political
philosophy of Millennial Civilization can
be seen in many verses of our Sacred
The OIC consists of 57 nations. Those who support
radical Islamic
terrorists who, with a hope of global
Sharia, hate and kill Jewish and Christian people . . .
will not listen to reason. The perennial
hostility of
Ishmael's descendants is the cause of the blackness of
bitter mourning. But many good Muslims, victims of
the cruel hoax of jihad, will turn to us for guidance.
Allied powers, the USA-IDF-NATO superstructure,
appreciates the 4,000-year heritage
given to all the
world by sanctified Israeli personalities . . . Joseph,
Moses, Joshua, Caleb, Deborah, Gideon,
Solomon, Elijah,
Miriam, Emmanuel and Michael are
desperately good leaders, deeply loving, and willing to
incredibly violent when protecting God's people.
All people who are impenitential, corrupt, and without
fear of God are also at a turning point. No impenitent
sinners are exempt from cancers, heart diseases, and
access by violent, demonic entities. The
of the nations is to be healed by Emmanuel's
Governance effected in a world crippled
and whimpering in the Post-Tribulation Era.
The antitheses of Marxist atheism, Islamic jihad's
barbarism, and the West's hedonism is: Theology,
Humanitarianism, and
Discipline. All disobedient
peoples who, heretofore, thought themselves to be
devoted adherents of Lenin, Mao, Mohammed, and the
subcultures of narcotics, prostitution, neo-Nazism,
alcoholism, and urban violence are
under judgment.
Saints believe in helping good people regardless of their
political or religious association. But the peculiar
violence of Islamic jihad makes assistance impossible
in too many instances. Philanthropy and rescue efforts
by Israeli, American and NATO powers will save many
people. The principles of
Kellogg-Briand (1928) can be
effected in an era of Unilateral Disarmament.
Millennial Civilization is the very society of people
revealed by the Jewish prophets. We are an intensely
lovng people, we are intelligent people. We know that
our brilliant, empowered NATO leaders will not tolerate
those who hate our Civilization. We are Disneyland,
Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and Wal Mart. This
shining Spirit is opposite of jihad's punitive blackness.
Desolations will be caused by violent and hedonistic
misbehaved entities bringing upon themselves the
wrath of our Creator and Father. This will be evident
after a 1260-day era, a deceptive peace commanded by
a false messiah; he is a
narcissistic, self-deifying
humanist, commonly called the Antichrist.
corruption is now pandemic; judgment is global.
The Spirit of Messiah Emmanuel and the Prophet Elijah
is scrutinizing and imperceptibly micro-managing our
Sanctification and love is our calling, with
intelligent preparation for apocalyptic war. The future
is bright and shining for Almighty God's
preparation and endurance will be easy for those who
prayerfully read Scripture and listen.
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